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HQH Fitness are the experts in setting up Functional Home Fitness Studios!

We consult on studio setups:

  • For your own fitness
  • For the family's health and wellness
  • Or as a new and exciting start-up business!

So clear out the garage or the spare rumpus room...and contact us today to enquire!

A bit more about our Home Studio Setups...

HQH Fitness provides affordable home studio fitout models that can be tailored specifically to your needs. With experienced consultants, we will help you to achieve your set up goals and consult with you in layout and design - within your set budget.

Serving both Australia and New Zealand:

Basic Model under $1,000

Recommended Model under $4,000

Complete Model under $6,000

Business Model under $10,000

If you are interested in our Business Model, watch the video below to see an example of one of our Australian customers who has converted part of her home into a profit-making business!

Want to talk more?

If you are interested in converting a room or garage into a home studio, phone HQH Fitness on NZ 0800 552 8789 / Australia 1800 552 878 or use our Contact Us page to enquire and we will contact you for a free consultation via phone or Skype (whichever you prefer).





AU 1800 552 878
NZ 0800 552 8789

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