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GNLD Says Based in Nature, Backed by Science, what does that actually mean?

Lots of companies use science in a generic fashion but GNLD is involved as part of the development of Science.  GNLD’s Scientific Advisory Board is fundamental in maintaining GNLD’s scientific edge. There are several Scientific Peer Reviewed studies that feature GNLD Products in particular. GNLD’s Carotenoid Complex is an example. People often ask if scientific bodies like FASEB or the JAMA give “approval” on products. Generally what they are is an association of likeminded scientists to further knowledge. For example this is how FASEB describe themselves:

"The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) advances biological science through collaborative advocacy for research policies that promote scientific progress and education and lead to improvements in human health."

It is not their objective to ‘approve’ any product. What they do is allow scientists to meet and present scientific work.  In general it would be safe to say that only bona fide good quality work gets presented and published. It is a great distinction for GNLD to get their research published at this level. Very few if any other companies can claim the same scientific impact.

GNLD doesn’t have studies on every product in their range, but the GNLD Scientific Advisory Board puts their stamp of approval on every GNLD product.

GNLD’s Scientific Advisory Board

Three decades ago, GNLD’s industry-leading Scientific Advisory Board was founded by world-renowned toxicologist and cancer researcher Dr. Arthur Furst, Founding Member Emeritus, SAB, Ph.D., Sc.D., D.A.T.S., Toxicologist, Pharmacologist.

Today, GNLD’s SAB sits at the core of a worldwide network of leading scientists and research facilities, all dedicated to delivering the finest, safest, most effective products the world has to offer. The commitment and diligence of this highly respected global team gives GNLD a wealth of knowledge, insight, and opportunities that none of our competitors can match.

The GNLD Scientific Advisory Board is:


SAB members conduct leading-edge research. In addition, they attend many of the world’s most important scientific meetings and seminars, where they frequently present GNLD research.


SAB members and research on our products are regularly published in leading scientific journals, including the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, the International Journal of Toxicology, the FASEB Journal, and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


GNLD’s reputation for scientific excellence is so well established that our products have been used by researchers from such renowned bodies as the United States Department of Agriculture, UNESCO, and major universities and scientific institutions around the world.

Because their presence in the scientific community is so strong, GNLD has been able to partner with the Stanford University Health Library to produce the annual GNLD-Arthur Furst Lecture Series on Nutrition & Disease Prevention and with the University of San Francisco to award the annual Arthur Furst Undergraduate Scholarship.

Through these ongoing programs, GNLD is changing the face of health care and disease prevention through nutrition by actively supporting today’s scientists and tomorrow’s doctors.





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