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Latest gravity Clubhouse uploadS

Total Gym GRAVITY Team Training Success Stories

ClubSport Fremont and Walnut Creek Sport & Fitness club credit the Total Gym GRAVITYSystem for improving member retention, creating community and driving profits.

The Business of Total Gym Sports Training

"Total Gym is one of the main tools in my toolbox when it comes to helping athletes and patients come back faster," said Brett Fischer, PT,ATC,CSCS, owner of Fischer Sports Physical Therapy & Conditioning in Phoenix, Arizona. Total Gym is a major player in Fischer's treatment of MLB, NFL, NHL and NBA athletes.

Interested in the features of the NEW Total Gym product line?

Check out the latest demo video from Total Gym below:

This video shows all three of the new Total Gym product line:
Total Gym Sport™  l  Total Gym GTS®  l  Total Gym PowerTower®


GRAVITY South Pacific
Video Testimonials

GRAVITY Class Model - Fresh Start, Australia

GRAVITY Pilates Studio - Queensland, Australia

GRAVITY Team Training Studio - Silverdale, NZ

GRAVITY Functional Studio - NSW, Australia

The world's first sight-impaired GRAVITY Trainer

GRAVITY Follow-Up Training at 5 different
Fitness First venues

More GRAVITY Clubhouse Uploads


GRAVITY @Gold's Gym - Davenport, Iowa

Interview with Chris Agnew - Owner, and
Dawn Dowsett - Program Manager

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GRAVITY Group Program @University of Idaho

Moscow, Idaho, US
Interview with Peg Hamlett - Fitness Director



GRAVITY Youth Program @Columbia Basin Racquet Club

Richland, Washington, US
Interview with Jenny Martinez - GRAVITY Instructor


GRAVITY @Gold's Gym - Orlando, Florida.
Interview with Pleasant Lewis - President, and
Leda Perez - Fitness Manager.

"Since February 2010 we've already added over twenty thousand in sales from this program alone through our personal training." (June 2010)

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GRAVITY @Heaven's Fitness
Calgary, Canada.

Interview with Helen Vanderburg - Owner.

"As soon as I was on it within five minutes I was sold because it just totally made sense. GRAVITY has really added value to our club...GRAVITY has contributed to a 75% member retention rate."

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GRAVITY @Ascent Therapy Clinics
Littleton, Colorado.

Interview with Lisa Bradford - Physician & Owner.

"We saw an increase in our Physical Therapy referrals just because they were excited about a forward thinking clinic in the area...GRAVITY allows me to convert patients to clients for life."

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GRAVITY@Rascal Creek Physical Therapy
Merced, California.

Interview with Sue Sulley - President.

"I feel that it gives me control of the bottom line if I have something to offer patients who are outside of medicare or that third party payer arena...GRAVITY has put me back in the driver's seat."

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GRAVITY @BodyBusiness Health Club and Spa
Austin, Texas.

Interview with Susan Cooper - Owner.

"It was easy to transfer people from trying it to saying they love it and I want to sign up...we've seen a 50% increase in our's almost paid for itself and we've only had it for about four months."

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GRAVITY @Gold's Gym
East Greenwich, Rhode Island.
Interview with Barry Field - Owner of 3 Gold's Gyms.

"When we look at purchasing equipment the main factor is will it be used...will the member be able to use it, and most importantly will it increase our bottom line. GRAVITY did both. GRAVITY shook up member expectations about personal training."

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GRAVITY @Boston Sports Club
Boston, Massachusetts.
Interview with Ed Trainor - VP of Fitness Services & Product Dvlpmt.

"Once I tried it and I liked it. We bought single units and placed them in a couple clubs. Once some of the trainers became addicted to it, they realised it was a very valuable tool in their toolbox. So it sells itself. And once it sells the trainers, it sells the clients. So it's really a no-brainer."

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GRAVITY @Peak Sports and Spine Therapy
Bellevue, Washington.
Interview with Ali Schoos - Owner.

"Physical therapy was changing and we felt we needed to do something that would augment our income, as well as more globally address our clients' healthcare and fitness needs...GRAVITY helps us to retain clients after discharge."

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GRAVITY @Fairwood Physical Therapy
Renton, Washington.
Interview with Julie Dresch - Director / Owner.

"Having GRAVITY classes is an edge on my competitors because it's something different. It's that extra bit of attention from a new point of view...I made enough profit in the first year to pay for the equipment ...GRAVITY is the "side dish" that helps to recruit more patients."

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GRAVITY @Fitness Quest 10
San Diego, California.
Interview with Todd Durkin - Founder & CEO.

"One of the beautiful things about the Total Gym system is that it is versatile for all people. I can take an athlete from right off surgery and in physical therapy all the way back into pro-ball form. I can have an extremely high level, world class athlete using it, while at the same time I can have a grandpa or grandma, or a kid using it...almost every session I do incorporates the Power Tower or GTS."






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