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On Friday 25th Feb Mark Buckley presented a FREE 3 hr FMA Strength Training lecture in Auckland:

STRENGTH TRAINING - From Injury to Performance

We filmed this lecture and are happy to say this DVD is now available for purchase!
Proceeds will go to the people of Canterbury affected by the Earthquake. For an overview of this lecture, click here



This is RAW FOOTAGE of this lecture. It is not professionally filmed in regards to sound, staging and lighting. However the content, as always from Mark Buckley, is brilliant.

We have transferred this to DVD purely as a fundraising opportunity for the people affected by the Canterbury earthquakes. We hope that you support this cause.

Pre sales of this DVD were offered at a reduced price. Now, the base price of the DVD is $30 in both NZD and AUD.
$25 of each sale
will go to the Canterbury Relief Fund.

If you value the content of this DVD and would like to donate more than $30, we welcome you to do so. All proceeds over and above the $30 will go to the Relief Fund.

To order, email  or fill in our Contact Us online form and type your order in the comments box. This product will be ready to be shipped from 7th June 2011.



A high profile rugby player (prop) sustained a significant back injury during training.

While performing heavy sand bag throws (imperfection training) he experienced severe low back pain – which was later diagnosed as a disc protrusion at the L5/S1 level

The Challenge:

Fact 1: A prop forward in rugby is a high impact, strength/power position – with training combining both maximal effort (heavy) and dynamic effort (speed) lifts in the gym.

Fact 2: A disc injury can have a long healing time and is vulnerable to re-injury with high impact, strength/power training.

So how do we progress the client/athlete from rehabilitation through to end stage strength and conditioning?

This 3 hour lecture will be a ‘what you need to know’ presentation on how to bridge the gap (grey area) between the rehabilitation and post rehabilitation models

Workshop Objectives:

  • Perform a retrospective analysis to identify both the starting and end points in training
    • Starting point based on clinical/subclinical concerns
    • End point based on the biomotor demands of the sport
  • Learn how to qualify the client/athlete for loading and advanced training methods
    • Understanding the orthopedic profile for lift/technique selection
    • Understanding the strength profile for lift/technique selection
    • Imperfection training and injury prevention

This unique presentation is a must for anyone working in the sports performance and injury rehabilitation fields.

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