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HQH Fitness Review:

FMA Strength Training is one of the most forward-thinking fitness courses available - an amalgamation of strength training concepts and techniques established by some of the world's best strength trainers, combined with the unique experience and knowledge of Mark Buckley - a high-class world presenter and leader in strength training, power training, musculoskeletal therapy and corrective exercise methodology. Mark brings this information together in easy to understand models and concepts that leave you with direct skills and knowledge to immediately apply with your clients. Regardless of progressing through the other levels or not, we highly recommend Level 1 to all fitness professionals, physical therapists, sports coaches and practitioners. It is invaluable knowledge that will directly benefit and open your eyes in regards to how you work with clients.

FMA Strength Training - A unique point of difference

“Finally a course that has lifted the industry standard – to create a trainer skilled enough to work in both the sports injury rehabilitation and end stage/strength and conditioning fields” - Physiotherapist/Strength & Conditioning Coach

FMA Strength Training was developed with one purpose in mind – to create trainers of the highest distinction worldwide. The only course of its kind, FMA provides trainers with a unique skill set that will allow them to work effectively in both the rehabilitation and/or strength and conditioning phases of athlete development.

  • If the athlete has an injury – you will learn how to train them in respect to their clinical issue while advancing them into end stage/sports specific training in minimal time.
  • If the athlete does not have an injury – you will learn the most effective, tried and proven methods in strength and conditioning to get maximal results in minimal time.

No other course offers such a comprehensive amalgamation of methodologies between the two fields.

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