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Commercially designed and manufactured for the commercial facility and clinic or high end home use, this newest Total Gym PowerTower allows for incremental load changes during exercise, hosts the adjustable glideboard and provides the utmost versatility for high-performance sports-specific conditioning, athletic training and rehabilitation. Able to load from 1%-72% bodyweight Total Gym PowerTower is for those who simply want the best.  For more information click here


Provides for a full-body, intense workout in 30-minutes without the use of any additional accessories. Quick and easy transitions between exercises facilitate a fast-paced cardio-strength workout that delivers observable body-shaping results--in a commercial facility or in your home. Total Gym GTS is the award-winning equipment anchor for GRAVITY, the time-efficient, personal training, group fitness and Pilates program that is generating excitement and variety in commercial facilities around the world. For more information click here



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Recovery Series Row ADJ
Recovery Series Row ADJ
Code: 5503-03
Total Gym PowerTower / RS Encompass PowerTower
Total Gym PowerTower / RS Encompass PowerTower
Code: 5300-01
Heritage GTS / ELEVATE Encompass
Heritage GTS / ELEVATE Encompass
Code: 5200-01

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