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Modern Trends in Fitness - Masterclass

Pilates Matwork adapted for the BOSU® Balance Trainer & Soft Foam Roller  


 Accessorise Your Pilates  - The BOSU® Balance Trainer and the foam roller are the perfect accessories to compliment a wide range of authentic Pilates exercises. Incorporate the Balance Trainer and/or the foam roller into mat classes and in conjunction with other traditional Pilates equipment to challenge the most advanced participants or to accommodate Pilates beginners. Pilates movements can be selected and/or modified to benefit from the Bosu’s unique design and the unstable surface of the foam roller.  Experience Pilates with a definite increase in control, stability and neuromuscular challenge.  The session will also explore functional movement and the inclusion of Pilates principles to standard exercises whilst using the BOSU and foam roller as well as specific Pilates exercises.  Your clients will love the challenge that these accessories bring to their Pilates/core workouts. They have fun whilst working on balance, core, co-ordination, strength and mobility. Clients can get amazing results with core control as well as proprioception and kinaesthetic sense.

Outcomes of Attending 
  • Experience  Pilates with a definite increase in control, stability and neuromuscular challenge   
  • Explore traditional core exercises with a twist.
  • Create safe core exercise sequences to benefit your client’s pelvic floor and back.
  • Understand how to teach better core awareness and engagement
  • Have fun


Hyperactive Core - The SURGE

This session will show you how to build a reactive core by utilising “top down” instability of ever-changing resistance using new innovative training tools – Dynamic Fluid Resistance Devices; The Surge and BOSU Power Stax.  Traditional weight training and resistance tools are great for building static strength, but do not always translate to the demands of sport, fitness and life.  All of the following physical demands – trying to retain control of the basketball as a defender attempts to strip it away; running on uneven, muddy terrain during an adventure race; holding a wriggling and squirming child; carrying an overloaded bag of groceries; moving a panicked, flailing victim to safety – require a reactive core to control and stabilise the load.  Discover new strength training tools some that incorporate dynamic fluid resistance that can meet the demands of real life.  This dynamic session will challenge the body to utilise greater effort, and forces it to react and adjust.  Improve balance, stability, coordination, fundamental muscular movement and neuromuscular capabilities, movement efficiency and muscular stabilisation for stronger overall movements.  This session will also include a short lecture and discussion about functional movement and training the core.

Outcomes of Attending 

  • Experience the effectiveness of using new innovative tools – The Surge and the new BOSU Power Stax.
  • Experience how to improve balance, stability, coordination, postural control and movement efficiency and muscular stabilisation for stronger overall movements.
  • Discover how to make your client workouts fun and varied and how to keep them coming back for more
  • Learn about the importance of functional movement and how to keep it safe and effective for your clients
  • Have fun

Masterclass Dates

Register your interest NOW!

  • NEXT DATE TO BE ADVISED -  Auckland, The Workshop Gym, 84b Hinemoa St, Birkenhead – 8:30am – 2pm BOSU Complete Certification; 2pm - 3pm – BOSU HIIT and choreographing group sessions (BONUS Session); 3pm – 5:30pm Pilates Adapted for BOSU & Foam Roller Workshop


Masterclass Pricing

  • BOSU Complete Certification Course 9am-2.30pm  $250 + GST
  • Modern Trends – Pilates Adapted for the BOSU and Foam Roller Workshop  2.30-4.30pm $150 + GST
  • Modern Trends – Hyperactive Core – The SURGE – 9am-1.30pm $175 + GST

Special Offer

Attend both BOSU Complete Certification Course and Modern Trends - Pilates Adapted for the BOSU and Foam Roller Workshop and save $50 + GST



"Really enjoyed the range of equipment and knowledge."
Miranda Harrison, Activ8 Whangarei
"I've been a Personal Trainer for 21 years and moved to the Gravity Total Gym Systems recently.  I attended the Master Class Workshop which I found to be refreshing, informative and fun.  As I am a sole operator of a private studio it is most important that I keep up to date with new trends, remain educated, informed, and network with like-minded people.  The workshop covered all of the above.
Looking forward to the next one."
Jody Thomas, Auckland
"I had a great time AND learnt some good stuff, looking forward to applying it."
Ginera Linton-Ozich, Auckland
"Great personal motivation and new ideas I can use with my clients".
Jo Woollacott, Whangarei
Modern Trends in Fitness - Masterclass

Pilates Adapted for the BOSU and Foam Roller Workshop $150.00 NZD

Hyperactive Core - The SURGE $175.00 NZD

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