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Fitness Matta™ Aqua



Matta Products is a leader in the innovation, design and manufacture of ergonomic safety surfacing systems for industrial and leisure markets worldwide. Built upon Matta Products’ in-depth knowledge of safety surfacing systems, the Fitness Matta™ Aqua range has been specifically designed to provide a free draining surfacing solution,ergonomic benefits, and spatial enhancements to aquatic centres, fitness centres and gyms. The Fitness Matta™ Aqua range contains modular PVC tiles, 25mm or 15mm thick suitable for a variety of applications where water is present. 

Ergonomic support is necessary to prevent sports injuries to the lower body. All aerobic activity generates energy, which if not absorbed, is transferred through the body to the ankles, knees, hips and back, increasing the probability of muscle fatigue, bone and joint problems. Fitness Matta™ provides the perfect balance of cushioning and firmness to ensure lateral foot support and bounce-back, by allowing some compression of the tiles through their tubed base structure.

Slip resistance The open surface of the Fitness Matta™ Aqua range allows for high volumes of water to pass through the tiles. This stops surface water from pooling or creating a slippery film. The textured surface design of the Fitness Matta™ range reduces slippage whilst not hindering movement through excessive grip.

Durable The robust design and materials used ensure Fitness Matta’s™ durability in the most testing environments. Fitness Matta™ is manufactured under ISO-certified quality control systems and is backed by Matta’s comprehensive 5-year product warranty.

Relocatable or Permanent Fitness Matta™ tiles are connected together through interlocking lugs. Tiles can be simply disconnected, relocated and reconfigured at any time. However, tiles can also be bonded together during installation when a more permanent fitment is required.

Simple to clean Fitness Matta™ Aqua can be mopped or even hosed down using regular cleaning products. Fitness Matta™ can also be supplied with heavy duty Matta Rescue cleaner for tough grime and stains. For areas where excessive dirt and mud is present, the Fitness Matta™ Aqua Excel tile’s smoothed underside prevents grime from being captured.

Antimicrobial When Fitness Matta™ Aqua is being installed in wet areas such as poolsides, showers and changing rooms, an antimicrobial additive is used to inhibit fungal growth. This helps prevent the spread of skin diseases such as athlete’s foot. The Fitness Matta™ Aqua LITE tiles can be rolled up periodically for more thorough cleaning of the under-floor.

To Matta Products recycling is not just a ‘good idea’, it is the lifeblood of the company. Matta Products was founded on the premise that non-renewable resources can and should be re-used and our mission is to turn waste plastics and rubber into a range of safety surfacing for playgrounds and industrial applications. And these products can be recycled in their turn. Matta Products holds Environmental Choice certification from the New Zealand Ecolabelling Trust.


• Ergonomic benefits through unique Compression Column construction

• Free draining surface, minimising slip hazards

• Robust injection-moulded construction – great in high traffic areas

• Innovative interlocking system holds the tiles securely together

• Modular design means water can flow freely beneath

• Environmental Choice New Zealand certification

• Easy to clean with regular cleaning products, a damp mop and/or a hose

• Can be rolled up for thorough cleaning of the base surface

• Antimicrobial

• Safety ramp edging for safe transition to other flooring

• Manufactured in New Zealand from recycled plastic under ISO 9001 accreditation


• 5-Year Fitness Matta™ Warranty




AU 1800 552 878
NZ 0800 552 8789

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