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The Exertube is the ideal workout tool you can use anywhere, any time, for safe and effective total-body conditioning.

It is a valuable tool that provides an easily portable, highly versatile way to add resistance training to your workout, perfect for home, work, gym or on-the-road use while travelling.

Colour availability:

Green -  Light

Blue - Medium

Black - Firm

Silver - X Firm

The Exer-tube is also a great way to maintain or improve flexibility, an important part of any fitness program.


Following is a selection of exercises using the Exertube.

To download a list of the exercises below and more click here

To download a workout program using the Exertube click here


Chest Press - Supine position. Resistance placed behind back, abs engaged throughout exercise, press arms up prior to locked elbows (approx a 90-degree angle)

Chest Fly - Supine position. Resistance placed behind back and under armpits, abs engaged, palms facing each other, elbows in slight flexion, arms extend directly above your shoulders with elbow slightly bent, lower to about 90 degrees. Emphasizing the adduction/abduction.
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Upright Row - Standing position. Band under one foot or both. Can also be done seated on floor or bench with band wrapped around feet.  Retract and depress the scapulae. Lead with elbows and raise the arms until upper arms are shoulder height. (Error is lifting elbows too high.)

Single-Arm Lat Pulldown - Standing position. Holding band in hands, arms overhead, Shoulders relaxed, neutral wrists, abs engaged, bend knees slightly, feet shoulder width apart, pull-down to one side with one arm until elbows is next to torso. Then return to start.  Other side. Keep hand in peripheral vision at all times.

Seated Rows - Low row. Seated on floor or bench. Band wrapped around feet, legs extended in front, knees can be bent, abs engaged, neutral spine, retract the scapulae, palms facing one another, pull the band back, adduct shoulder blades together keeping elbows beside ribs, return to starting position.
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Front Deltoid Raise - Standing with band anchored by one or both feet. Abs engaged, elbows slightly bent, feet apart shoulder distance or one foot in front, knees bent, raise arms forward to shoulder height and return to start.

Overhead Press - Standing with band anchored under one or both feet. Hands slightly above shoulder height, elbows flexed, engage abs, feet shoulder width apart, bend the knees slightly. Press hand overhead until elbows are extended then return to start. Can do this one arm at a time with band under same foot.

Rotator Cuff
External Shoulder Rotation: Can be done seated or standing, holding band in both hands, engage abs, elbows stabilize against ribs, rotate both arms through full ROM. (open and close). Avoid extra movement in the shoulders, back or spine.
Internal Shoulder Rotation: Seated with band secured around extended foot. If right leg is extended, the left hand holds on the handle of band and is rotated internally toward the right body, then return to start. Keep body stationary.
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Triceps Kickback - Standing with band anchored under front foot. With handles in both hands, extend the shoulder rearward until upper arm is parallel with the floor, elbow is flexed, palms facing one another, contract the triceps until elbows almost fully extend.  Return to start.
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Bicep Curls - Standing with band anchored under one or both feet. Feet can be hip distance apart for more intensity or together for decreased intensity.  Knees slightly bent, abs engage, neutral spine, begin with arms down to sides, curl up with elbows stabilizing next to torso throughout the movement. Avoid overgripping the handles. Can be done on the ball with feet hip width apart anchoring the band.
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Upper Legs and Hips

Squats - Band secured under feet hip width apart with handles at upper thighs with wrists in neutral position for decreased resistance, with hands at hips for more intensity and with handles at shoulders. Neutral spine, abs engaged, lower body with hips moving back as if sitting in a chair. Weight directly over the heels or mid-foot. Lower to approx 90 degrees of knee flexion return to start.

Outer Thigh Lift - Standing with band anchored under both feet. Use same squat form adding an abduction of the leg through a full range of motion. Keep knees soft and abs engaged. Can be done side-lying.

Inner Thigh Lift - Standing or side-lying.  Holding handles in each hand, wrap around one foot and with abs engaged, stabilize pelvis and spine, move leg across the front of body in full range of motion, externally rotating the thigh or heel faces ceiling.
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Black - Firm $19.00 NZD

Blue - Medium $19.00 NZD

Green - Light $19.00 NZD

Silver - X Firm $19.00 NZD

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