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Paul Chek Triple X


This versatile cable-pulley system was designed to promote functional resistance training. Developed under consultation with Paul Chek, it is one of the best pieces of equipment that you could put in any gym or rehabilitation studio.

The Paul Chek Triple X is ideal for use in a wide range of settings, from rehabilitation clinics to personal training facilities to high performance training centres and is available in many custom configurations

Recommendations for different facilities:

Rehabilitation Clinics: Standard Model with 10 Plate weight stacks

Personal Training Facilities: Standard Model with 15 plate weight stacks

High-Performance Training Centres: Tall Model with 20 plate weight stacks

Additional Options

  • Additional weights available in 5 plate increments (6kg), 3kg and 1kg
  • Tall Model: increased height of 2.60m
  • Dynamic Bi-Lateral Pull Down with 15 plate stack as an add-on
  • Single Stack and Double Stack units may be ordered as a stand-alone unit, in standard height or tall. We recommend these are firmly secured to the floor, wall or upright support. Alternatively optional extended legs can be purchased.

Contact HQH
for more details and a detailed price list of various configurations.

Features of the Triple X

  • 3 multi-position adjustable colums with 10 plate pin-loaded weight stacks as standard, two at one end and one at opposite end
  • Multi-positional pulleys
  • Functional chin-up bar on the crossbeam
  • Steel frames made out of rustproof Duragal steel
  • Top beam support for increased stability
  • Indented weights with resin numbering
  • Frame Colour: Silver or other colours on order
  • Plate Colour: Black
  • Micro weights for mid-weight increment


Standard Height: 2.280m

With Additional Height: 2.53m

Length: 3.1m

Double Column End Width: 1.25m

Single Column End Width: 0.8m




AU 1800 552 878
NZ 0800 552 8789

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