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GRAVITYPost-rehab®::Major Joint Series Course


GRAVITY Post-rehab Overview
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The need for continued supervised muscular and skeletal conditioning following physical therapy is often essential to ensure a full recovery. Injuries that do not completely recover often become chronic and continue to limit a person's ability to function as they wish.

Finally, the gap is closing for those who, following physical therapy or injury, require additional conditioning to return to normal activities.

GRAVITYPost-rehab® provides the personal fitness trainer, physical therapy aide and physical therapist with a comprehensive post-rehabilitation program which focuses on a basec rule for applying progressions of movement to help with the integrity of the knee, lumbar spine and shoulder joint.

While incorporating basic biomechanics and appropriate awareness, pre-positioning and conditioning exercises using Total Gym, the trainer can provide the next step in achieving an individual's health and fitness objectives.

GRAVITYPost-rehab®::Major Joint Series®

Two-Day Course, 16 Contact Hours

Scheduled Dates

GRAVITYPost-rehab®::Major Joint Series® is a comprehensive program designed to teach physiotherapists, physiotherapy assistants, athletic trainers and personal trainers to utilize specific exercises and progression techniques to work successfully to meet the client's fitness objectives without aggravating underlying problems. It provides specific examples of conditioning options for the shoulder, knee and spine, utilizing the  most versatile fitness modality in the industry, the GTS®. The program is ideal for those who wish to provide cash based services offering continued support to patients and clients after physiotherapy.

This two-day course (8 hours per day) offers the attendee tools for determining when to refer a client to a rehab or medical specialist, and how to interface with the treating medical professional. Learn to recognize when a client needs special attention that may alter the method and progression of their conditioning program due to previous treatment, unresolved pain or functional limitations. Specific pathologies are not addressed nor does the attendee learn to diagnose or evaluate pathology as this is the domain of the doctor, physiotherapist or athletic trainer. GRAVITYPost-rehab programming was developed in liaison with physical therapists and does not teach the attendee how to treat injury or dysfunction, but rather how to train the client to reach fitness goals without re-injury.

GRAVITYPost-rehab is an opportunity for attendees to:

  • Market yourself to clients who are experiencing a movement dysfunction.
  • Market yourself to community physiotherapists, chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons and other health care specialists to let them know that they have the ability to help them with their post-rehabilitative needs.
  • Add post-rehab principles to current clients extending program & provide better results.

GRAVITYPost-rehab is designed by physical therapists and exercise physiologists to provide:

  • Safe and effective programming, focusing on a movement dysfunction of a joint complex – lumbar spine, shoulder & knee.
  • Set exercise sequence (stages)
  • Training NOT treatment
  • Total body conditioning

Course resources supplied include:

  • GRAVITYBasics™ Manual
  • GRAVITYPost-Rehab Manual
  • GRAVITYInstructor™ Certificate (required for in-club training)




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Scheduled Dates

Enrolment Form - Australia

Enrolment Form - New Zealand


Australia: Certificate IV in Fitness, GRAVITY Foundation Certificate, or relevant industry/Physiotherapy qualification

New Zealand: REPs registration and/or relevant industry/Physiotherapy certification

Your certification is required as part of your enrolment to this course. Please send a copy through with your enrolment form.

Online Courses: Participants will require access to a Total Gym unit along with Laptop/PC and Camera.

GRAVITYPost-rehab®::Major Joint Series Course

Single $585.00 NZD

Club Package $3895.00 NZD

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NZ 0800 552 8789

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