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Total Gym's Jump Trainer is an excellent piece of equipment and we are seeing great results, some of our squad are as young as 14.  We originally thought we would use it for our goal keepers to increase vertical jump but have found it beneficial for our strikers also. It's my favourite piece of equipment in the gym and so versatile".   Jim Fraser, Former World Cup Goalkeeper (Australian Socceroo #234). Director of Coaching, International Goal Keepers Academy, Sydney Australia

The Total Gym Jump Trainer builds explosive power and develops lower body muscle mass with two primary movements, the squat and the squat jump. Uniquely designed to facilitate plyometric jumping exercises leveraging both linear bodyweight resistance and variable band resistance, this jump exercise machine produces both concentric and eccentric loading of the muscles – allowing users to accelerate and decelerate quickly during a squat jump in a safe, controlled manner. Able to accommodate all levels of fitness, the Jump Trainer supports the spine during traditional squat exercises so that users can comfortably control the descending and ascending phases of the squat, while providing an opportunity for advanced variations including, single-leg squats and staggered stance squats.

Total Gym Jump Trainer - Specs Sheet
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Total Gym Jump Trainer - Specs Sheet
Elevate Line  Brochure - Download
Quick Reference Elevate Circuit Workout- Download

Total Gym Jump Trainer thoroughly engages the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and calf muscles, which helps to tone and strengthen the legs while providing an excellent cardio workout as well. Uniquely designed to provide a quick eccentric-concentric combo that effectively engages the stretch-shortening cycle allowing users to build muscle mass, develop explosive power and increase vertical jump.

Benefits for the individual exerciser:

  • Designed for intuitive use and success in performing squats and squat jump exercises

  •  Increases explosive power and joint flexibility

  • Increases vertical jump

  • Provides both concentric and eccentric muscle contractions

  • Strengthens all the muscles of the lower body

  • Allows for plyometric, jumping movements which provide a cardio workout

  • Ability to perform multiple squat variations

  • Enhanced functional performance of daily activities and increased athleticism

  • Exercises can be progressed or regressed to accommodate all fitness levels

  • Eccentric loading trains muscles/tendons to efficiently store and recover energy during jump exercise movement

  • Eccentric contractions results in a protective adaptation in the muscles, protecting them from damage.

Training applications and biomechanics:

  • Closed-chain partial loading of the joints

  •  Platform provides option for multiple foot position

  • Provides both concentric and eccentric loading

  • Ability to adjust range of motion

  • Option to train using only bodyweight

  • Option to add band variable resistance for increased eccentric force Reliable tool for assessing lower body strength

  • Adjustable incline design allows for partial bodyweight squats

  • Offers both linear bodyweight resistance and band variable resistance

  • Two installation settings: Physical Therapy and Fitness each allowing for seven incline level adjustments:
    - Physical Therapy Setting: 30 percent of a user's own bodyweight up to 65 percent
    - Fitness Setting: 50 percent of a user's own bodyweight up to 80 percent

  • Four latex resistance bands allow for an additional 10-70 lbs resistance in 10lb increments

  • Steel and aluminum construction provides long-lasting durability 

  • Includes link to exercise library with additional and advanced exercise options

  • Pneumatic brake reduces airborne height which reduces landing impact to protect joints

  • Mount/Dismount lock ensures users begin exercise from a safe and comfortable position

  • Slide Distance Regulator provides ability to adjust range of motion

  • Specially designed curved platform follows anatomic curve of hip to foot ratio ensuring proper biomechanics throughout plyometric movements



  • In use Dimensions: L/W/H 2.6m X .8m X .1.7m

  • Unit Weight: 105 kg

  • Floor Space (area): 2 square meters

  • Glideboard Range of Motion: 97 cm

  • Maximum user weight capacity: 180 kg

  • Frame & Rail Construction: Steel with steel reinforced extruded aluminum rails

  • Glideboard: Vinyl Upholstery

  • Rollers: Sealed precision ball bearings

Download the Total Gym Jump Trainer spec sheet here.

  • Commercial Warranty: Frame- 5 years
  •  Moving Parts (rollers): 1 year
  • Upholstery: 1 year




Bilateral Jump Squat

Single Leg Squat



Single leg Sking Plyometric

Squat Single Leg with
Leg Lift

Squat Single Leg with 





Total Gym Jump Trainer
Total Gym Jump Trainer
Total Gym Jump Trainer
Total Gym Jump Trainer

Jump Trainer $4995.00 NZD

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