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Recovery Series LEX


The Recovery Series LEX (Lower EX-tremity) allows for faster lower extremity recovery, from post-surgery to explosive training, in a safe and progressive manner. Users work with a percentage of their own bodyweight to perform a squat or a jump, leveraging both linear bodyweight resistance and variable band resistance..

The LEX supports the spine during traditional squat exercises to comfortably control the descending and ascending phases of a squat or jump, while providing an opportunity for advanced variations including, single-leg squats and staggered stance squats.

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 The Recovery Series LEX is uniquely designed to provide a quick eccentric-concentric combo that effectively engages the stretch-shortening cycle allowing users to build muscle mass, develop explosive power and increase vertical jump.

Benefits for the individual exerciser:Training applications and biomechanics:
  • Designed for intuitive use and success in performing squats and squat jump exercises
  • Increases explosive power and joint flexibility
  • Increases vertical jump
  • Provides both concentric and eccentric muscle contractions
  • Strengthens all the muscles of the lower body
  • Allows for plyometric, jumping movements which provide a cardio workout
  • Ability to perform multiple squat variations
  • Enhanced functional performance of daily activities and increased athleticism
  • Exercises can be progressed or regressed to accommodate all fitness levels
  • Eccentric loading trains muscles/tendons to efficiently store and recover energy during jump exercise movements
  • Eccentric contractions results in a protective adaptation in the muscles, protecting them from damage.

  • Closed-chain partial loading of the joints
  • Platform provides option for multiple foot positions
  • Provides both concentric and eccentric loading
  • Ability to adjust range of motion
  • Option to train using only bodyweight
  • Option to add band variable resistance for increased eccentric force
  • Reliable tool for assessing lower body strength

Product Features

  • Adjustable incline design allows for partial bodyweight squats
  • Offers both linear bodyweight resistance and band variable resistance
  • Four latex resistance bands allow for an additional 10-70 lbs resistance in 10lb increments
  • Steel and aluminium construction provides long-lasting durability
  • Includes link to exercise library with additional and advanced exercise options
  • Pneumatic brake reduces airborne height which reduces landing impact to protect joints
  • Mount/Dismount lock ensures users begin exercise from a safe and comfortable position
  • Slide Distance Regulator provides ability to adjust range of motion
  • Specially designed curved platform follows anatomic curve of hip to foot ratio ensuring proper biomechanics throughout plyometric movements 


  • In use Dimensions: L/W/H 2.6m X .8m X .1.7m

  • Unit Weight: 105 kg

  • Floor Space (area): 2 square meters

  • Glideboard Range of Motion: 97 cm

  • Maximum user weight capacity: 180 kg

  • Frame & Rail Construction: Steel with steel reinforced extruded aluminum rails

  • Glideboard: Vinyl Upholstery

  • Rollers: Sealed precision ball bearings


  • Commercial Warranty: Frame- 5 years
  • Moving Parts (rollers): 1 year

  • Upholstery: 1 year





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NZ 0800 552 8789

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