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Cyclone Ball 1kg with Rope (Blue)


Product weight: 1kg

The ultimate core challenge!

A strong medicine type ball, the Cyclone Ball has a thick rope running through its core that extends into a handle for the user. The Cyclone Ball is tough, durable and provides a challenging workout - great for both power training and core stability training.

The Cyclone Ball rope is a premium quality double braid nylon rope to minimise rope burn and extend rope life.

And it has to be tough; the exercises Paul Chek has developed are as gruelling on the ball as they are on the user. Great for power development, you'll find it hard to believe the intensity you get from a ten second workout!

This product can be used in conjunction with the Tornado Ball Exercises DVD


Available in 1kg, only

Check out exercises to do with the Cyclone Ball in this awesome video of one of our C.H.E.K Practitioners and FMA Trainers, Michelle Drielsma.


What is the difference between a Cyclone Ball and a Tornado Ball?

A Tornado Ball is solid and moulded onto the rope.

The Cyclone Ball is a hollow, heavy-shelled, rubber ball which is air-filled. The air pressure can be modified to suit.

Why do you sell the Cyclone Ball and not the Tornado Ball?

The reason we went with the Cyclone Ball is because of the following reasons:

  • It is Australian-made and we like to support our fellow South Pacific businesses.
  • The Tornado Ball is US-made and importing this product would end up being very expensive for you, the consumer.
  • The Cyclone Ball is made from high-quality rubber that is very hard wearing.
  • The air pressure of the Cyclone Ball can be modified to suit, which means that you can adjust the bounce of the ball.
  • We've found the Cyclone Ball to be a very reliable product, depending on the user.

How long will the Cyclone Ball last?

It is important to note the Cyclone Ball is a product that will not last forever!

All of these balls are subject to premature wear and tear. When you're smashing a ball into a concrete wall - there can never be any guarantees!

Due to the high wear and tear of this product - which is the very nature of its use - the life of your Cyclone Ball is completely dependent on how it is used and how frequently it is used.

For example - a Cyclone Ball used by a professional rugby team or boxer will not have as long a life as one that is used by a gym or by a PT as a power training tool.

We can say though, that the Cyclone Ball has been used by New Zealand rugby teams, world champion contender David Tua and fitness professionals around the South Pacific, and we have had fantastic feedback about its use.

We highly recommend that you order the Tornado Ball Exercises DVD as support for this product.

Click on the links below to download:

Cyclone Ball Exercises - A4 (4 pages)

Cyclone Ball Exercises - A3 (2 pages)

Cyclone Ball 1kg with Rope (Blue)

$146.54 NZD

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