Host Facilities

What is a Total Gym Showcase Facility?

A Total Gym Showcase Facility (or "Host Facility") represents the ideal Total Gym® business model, offering semi-private personal training, group programs, and or classes.

Total Gym Showcase Facilities are selected to represent the Total Gym brand as a positive showcase for potential customers and as a training facility for future and existing GRAVITY® Instructors. In return, we provide significant benefits to help your business succeed.

Key Requirements

  • The ability for HQH Fitness to run weekend (Sat, Sun, 9am – 5pm) courses every quarter or sooner. This will need to be in a separate space and not conflict with any other training sessions or classes. HQH Fitness will offer compensation.
  • Minimum purchase of 5 commercial Total Gym units.
  • A full repertoire of Total Gym Accessories.
  • The ability for visitors to view the facility particularly for Total Gym.

Courses/Workshops that may be run in the Facility:

GRAVITY® Foundation Course Certification
2 Days (Sat, Sun, 9am – 5pm)

GRAVITYPost-rehab® Certification Course
2 Days (Sat, Sun, 9am – 5pm)

GRAVITYPilates® Certification Course
1 Day (Sun, 9am – 5pm)

GRAVITY® Workshop
Usually 3 hours total (Sat or Sun, scheduling flexible)

Note: In some cases two workshops may be scheduled in one day

The Deal

Significant deals and offers apply for all Showcase Facilities. If you would like to be a candidate for your area, contact us with your interest and we will send you an application form.


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